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Bishops’ Lent Appeal 2018

"After the hugely successful Lent Appeal for Kagera in 2017, we have agreed to turn to a local focus this year. 

For our Lent Appeal 2018 we are asking every benefice to raise funds for a charity or cause that is local to them.  This may be a charity or organisation you already support, or a new one.  It may be very local to you, or one with a wider scope that addresses a concern that is important to your benefice.  We ask that you engage in whichever ways make sense to you – special Lent events, collections, social occasions – to raise funds for your chosen charity.
This is part of our attention to “congregations making a difference” and making that difference to our wider community.  This will be a focus for our forthcoming Diocesan Synod, and is embraced by our Growing in God priority to grow in Influence.
We do hope that you will be able to make a real difference to a charity or group working for the good of others in your community".

Bishop Martin and Bishop Mike

So that we can report back on the success of the Lent Appeal we do need to know which charity you have selected to support, can you please email Leonie Ryle with the details of your appeal.  At the end of Lent, we will contact you again to register how much money has been raised for your local causes, and we will be able to see and share the impact we have had.
Whether you are organising a jumble sale or a cooking competition, a concert or a 'fill the jar with coppers,' we would like to hear from you and we will share your innovative fundraising ideas and pictures on our social media pages. 

Thank you for supporting the Bishops' Lent Appeal, let's see how much we can raise this year!